Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation – Aging of the skin occurs due to damage from the sun, genetics and environmental factors. This aging can result in pigmented and vascular abnormalities of the skin such as age spots, freckles, pigmented areas of sun damage, angiomas, spider veins and rosacea, to name a few.  Skin rejuvenation is used to restore the skin to a more youthful

appearance , with a renewed vitality.

The Aurora® SR system by Syneron utilized at Superior Aesthetics offers state-of-the-art Elõs technology for skin rejuvenation. This unique treatment combines radio frequency energy with pulsed-light energy. These energies are in the optimal range for absorption by melanin in pigmented lesions of the skin and by hemoglobin in small vascular abnormalities. This absorption of energy results in mild inflammation and gradual fading of the lesions. These combined energy pulsations allow for optimal energy transfer to the skin abnormalities to the epidermis of the skin without overheating or damage.

Depending on the area to be treated, most treatments involve 1-5 sessions, done up to one month apart. Most patients tolerate the procedure without any topical anesthetic. Concurrent skin cooling with the Syner-Cool system utilized at Superior Aesthetics helps provide for even greater patient comfort.

Treatment typically allows gradual fading of pigmented and vascular lesions, although some treatments can offer dramatic results. Patients may see some improvement in fine lines and rough skin texture, although this effect tends to be delayed and be less appreciable. Treatment may be combined with other wrinkle treatments for more severe skin changes.

Skin Rejuvination Pre/Post Treatment

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