Microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing technique for exfoliating and smoothing the topmost layer of skin, leaving a smoother surface and invigorating the tissues, promoting growth of healthy new skin cells.

Treatment with the DiamondTome™ treatment system utilized at Superior Aesthetics is similar to traditional particle microdermabrasion in results – but without the loose particles and skin irritation. Unlike traditional systems, the DiamondTome system uses no loose abrasive. A diamond-tipped head and mild adjustable suction provides removal of the outer layer of dead skin cells in an effective and gentle manner. Potential benefits include:

• Reduction of minor to moderate lines of aging
• Reduction of acne scarring
• Minor scar revision
• Reduction of hyperpigmented areas
• Rejuvenation of skin health and reduction of fine wrinkles

Resurfacing treatment are gentle and painless. The skin may typically look slightly flushed after treatment but will return to normal in about 20-30 minutes. Your skin will look younger and feel smoother after a single treatment and will continue to improve with additional sessions as desired.

Microdermabrasion Pre/Post Treatment

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