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chemical peels in marquette

Chemical peels use a mild chemical solution to exfoliate and remove the outermost damaged skin layers, resulting in a smoothing of the skin surface.

Chemical peels help to reduce the depth of surface lines and wrinkles and smooth out rough skin.

Our chemical peels in Marquette helps diminish surface scars and clear facial blemishes and acne. A typical facial peel takes 15 to 30 minutes. It is not uncommon to experience some temporary redness and flaking of the skin, although this usually does not interfere with any normal activities.

Improvements may be subtle at first, but soon you’ll notice a fresher and healthier appearance of the skin. With additional treatments or combined with microdermabrasion, skin texture and appearance will continue to improve.

Even your closest friends will know something is different, but with our natural results, they won’t be able to put their finger on what it is.

For smooth, radiant, and youthful looking skin, schedule a consultation with Rachel in beautiful historic downtown Marquette today.

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How it Works

We always require a consultation, but we can still do the treatment the same day. During the consultation, our clinician will assess your skin type and discuss your desired results.  Then, we will discuss a treatment plan that will give you the best results. We always do our best to consider all lifestyles and budgets prior to treatment.

Chemical peels in Marquette are a “sun sensitive treatment,” so it requires you to stay out of the sun and apply sunscreen post treatment.  After your chemical peel, you cannot wash your face for a minimum of 24 hours to give the chemicals time to penetrate the skin.  The flaking will begin after you cleanse the skin. The intensity will depend on how deep your chemical peel was.

With your first chemical peel, we’ll provided a post-peel kit with step-by-step instructions. We want to make the healing process as simple as possible for you!

What it Treats


Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Dull Skin


Dry Skin

Oily Skin


Treats multiple conditions

Chemical peels are one of our most popular treatments.  They are very affordable and will treat multiple conditions. Since chemical peels in Marquette shed away the top layer of skin, it removes and reduces a variety of visible skin damage. This includes acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and even wrinkles.

Advanced skin-rejuvenating ingredients

The technology for chemical peels has come a long way and no longer requires extended downtime.  In the past we used glycolics, which had a larger molecular structure. The peels we use today have a very fine molecular structure so we can treat deeper in the skin without causing large sheeting and flaking from your skin’s surface.

Less downtime, same great results.

Our new chemical peel technology allows you to continue with your normal activities and still get a beautiful smoothing and brightening effect from the peel. Little to no downtime is a tremendous benefit for most people’s busy lifestyles. But if you need a deeper peel and don’t mind the downtime, we can definitely do that too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which chemical peel I need?

During your consultation, we’ll examine your skin and talk to you about your goals. That way we can create a plan that will work best for you. If this is your first peel, we don’t recommend getting a deeper treatment until your skin can adjust.

Do chemical peels hurt?

Whether chemical peels in Marquette hurt depends on the person and the peel depth. More superficial peels may only cause a tingling sensation, while stronger peels may cause slight burning.

What is the healing process like?

We make we sure we provide you will all the tools to get through the healing process. Peeling begins after you first wash your face. Depending on how strong the chemical peel is, the healing process could take anywhere between two days to two weeks.