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At Superior Aesthetics we strive to maintain the highest standards and newest technologies to help you not only improve acne skin conditions, but to erase the signs of acne scars including pitting, box scars and rolling scars.

We use a variety of acne treatments in Marquette to give you the unblemished skin you’ve always wanted.

Acne is a very personal and difficult condition that takes time and patience. Therefore, we don’t lay a blanket over each person; every case is unique and requires a unique treatment plan. Skin health, especially when working with acne is a journey.  Through education and patience, we will guide you through healing and help you understand how to care for your skin when battling breakouts.

Even your closest friends will know something is different, but with our natural results, they won’t be able to put their finger on what it is.

For smooth, radiant, and youthful looking skin, schedule a consultation with Rachel in beautiful historic downtown Marquette today.

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How it Works

Your first step to acne skin care is scheduling a consultation.  At the consultation we will sit down and create an acne treatment plan and discuss your concerns. We’ll also conduct a full skin analysis to determine the type of acne you’re battling, allowing us to create a plan that works with your schedule and budget.  After we have addressed active breakouts and healing begins, we address any acne scars and discuss a treatment plan that will reduce or eliminate the signs of acne scarring. This includes post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, rolling/box scars, pitting, and more.

What it Treats


Acne scars

Post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation


Individualized treatment plan

Each client gets a customized plan that’ll fight against their unique skin problems. We never take a one-fits-all approach, but let’s face it, all acne is different. Treatments could include chemical peels or laser treatments. Because of this, you gain great service and clearer skin.

Custom at-home skin care plan

Based on our expert knowledge, we build a line of skincare products that will help you maintain your results at home.  With home care, we will check on how you are reacting to each product and make changes as needed.  Any product that isn’t working for you can be returned for a full refund or exchanged for something that works better for your skin type.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many different acne treatments will I need?

The number of acne treatments you’ll need varies from person to person. That’s exactly why we created customized plans to ensure that you get the best results possible.

How soon can I expect results?

Again, how soon you’ll see results depends will vary from person to person. If you have more severe acne, it’ll take you longer to see results than if you had minor-to-moderate acne.

Can I get rid of my acne scars?

Our acne treatments in Marquette also work great to target acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Just come in for a free consultation, and we’ll examine your skin to determine the best next steps.